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AME’s a mechanical engineering company specializing in predictive, preventative & corrective maintenance for propulsion systems. AME uses the most advanced technologies and equipment to provide diagnostics, maintenance & repair for rotating & reciprocating machinery for marine & industrial applications. Work is performed in accordance with the standards set forth by SNAME and good marine engineering practice is the foundation in which they operate. The AME technical team is comprised of field service engineers, certified vibration analysts & alignment technicians. The shop team has mechanics, welders, machinists & hydraulic technicians. Since its inception in 1992, AME, under the management of President, Rich Merhige, has been commissioned the world over to consult on some of the most complex projects on everything from yachts, workboats, pumping stations, power plants and manufacturing facilities. AME is a recognized external specialist for condition monitoring by the American Bureau of Shipping/ABS. Capabilities: Vibration & Noise Surveys; Laser, Optical & Strain Gage Alignment; Diesel Engine Condition Monitoring; Shaft Torque & Power Measurements; Geometric Laser Hull Deflection Measurements; Fabrication, Welding, Machining & Line Boring; and Hydraulic Service & Repair. Authorized distributor for Pruftechnik Laser Alignment & Condition Monitoring Systems; Windrock Diesel Engine Condition Monitoring Systems; and Wartsila Seals & Bearings.

Products & Services


Pruftechnik Vibguard

Pruftechnik provides solutions for Alignment & Condition Monitoring of rotating machinery. The VIBGUARD is an online vibration analysis condition monitoring system. It's fast, reliable, powerful and protects your assets with high-end technology, including: 20 parallel channels; Continuous monitoring; Seamless integration to control systems; Various configurations and DIN rail mountable.

Windrock 6400 Portable Analyzer

The Windrock 6400 portable analyzer system is an indispensable tool for compression and combustion machinery reliability programs. It provides fundamental information used to assess the mechanical condition and performance of reciprocating compressors and engines.The 6400 system also provides early warnings of potentially catastrophic running conditions and gives actionable economic data to support maintenance and operational decision-making.

Wartsila Envirosafe Composite Bearings

Wärtsilä Envirosafe Composite bearings are designedfor water lubricated stern shafts of all vessel types. Envirosafe enhancesenvironmental protection greatly. We supply ready to fit, split & non-splitbearing systems which can be press fitted into stern tubes or bracket bosseswith housings as required. Supplied packages include bronze housings ready forresin bonding into rough cast stern tubes or brackets. This well-proven methodenables the assemblies to be fitted at the end of the hull construction,thereby eliminating any movement due to welding and providing the most accuratefinal alignment.

Wartsila Enviroguard PSE Shaft Seals

Wärtsilä Enviroguard PSE Shaft Seals are suitable for both blue water andabrasive water conditions and are available in both metallic and compositematerials. Enviroguard is a pollution free, forward water lubricated sterntube seal. The seals are suitable for any commercial, or military application and designed to maintain watertight integrity for operating profiles andparameters. The Wärtsilä Enviroguard range is a low maintenance, highperformance sealing solution which is in extensive use, spanning many years andvessel types. Although primarily used for open water applications, the sealscan also be adapted for closed water systems.

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