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NEW Pushpin Coupling innovation removable icebreaker bow and tugboat with state-of-the-art coupling tech from Finland. Build by Turku Repair Yard Ltd and designed by ILS Oy. The New Hydraulic Actuator is based on Pleiger EHS Technics. The Actuator contains heavy duty cylinder and built on power pack, safety and control valves as well as backup hand pump. Additionally, the cylinder contains precision position transmitter, adjustable limit switches as well as the pressure transmitter for axial force measurement. The remote controls of the actuator will be done via Pleiger Electronic universal control modules CM4 and PLC.

Today, ACM-Trading concentrates on marketing and selling Pushpin® Coupler Systems and developing a wide range of new ATB (Articulated Tug & Barge) coupling systems, covering the needs of the smallest tug and barge combinations right up to the very largest ones. The ATB system can be used for transport of various goods (oil, wood, ore, LNG, dredging etc. ) in various operational areas (inland, coastal, offshore).

Pushpin is flexible system with driving energy solutions for the system (pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical), as well as a choice for the extent of modification to the barge, either forming a notch or a modular tubular solution.

ACM-Trading Ltd is a family-owned company located in Naantali, South Western Finland. The company key person have been building the reputation within Maritime automation and engineering since 1969.


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