Sensor Integration Made Simple: Airmar’s SmartBoat System is the Smartest Way to Integrate Existing Sensors with New Electronics.

AIRMAR Technology’s NMEA 2000-certified SmartBoat system, winner of the 2022 NMEA Technology Award, is the easiest, most cost-effective way to integrate existing sensors with upgraded electronics, especially during retrofits. It’s a scalable, easily configured management solution for all marine-sensor protocols and network types.

Multiple analog sensors, such as thermistors, resistive senders, binary switches, relays, run detectors, and more, are connected directly to SmartBoat modules and are easily recognized, regardless of their protocols. SmartBoat modules simultaneously convert the sensor data and any other NMEA 0183, J1939, or analog protocols to NMEA 2000, then communicate it via the NMEA2000 network to a computer and/or the vessel’s MFDs. This is all done without the need for brand-new sensors or expensive, sensor-specific translation modules.

In addition to communicating critical sensor data, the SmartBoat system enables the configuration and control of the sensors wirelessly through a phone, tablet, or PC via SmartFlex View, an intuitive, menu-driven software tool built into each module. Connected sensor data, as well as any device on the network, can be configured to trigger alarms based on multiple criteria, such as low or high oil pressure at a set RPM. The SmartBoat system can even be configured to automate functions, such as switching fuel tanks, based on user-defined sensor data.

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