PSVs as $72 million superyachts?

In a world full of stacked offshore service vessels, there are plenty of ideas for creative uses of these idled vessels: as training vessels, short-haul container ships, conversion for dredging.

Then there is a luxury one-off. Superyacht builders are marketing a novel conversion from Vard of Norway.

The 268’x59’x16’ Kilkea is an expedition yacht based on Vard’s 1/08 platform supply vessel, built in steel with a class notation for light ice conditions. Bannenberg & Rowell Design of London conceived the vessel, built in Vietnam by Shackleton Superyachts, for long distance exploration at a cruising speed of 12 knots and endurance for a month at sea, accommodating up to 36 guests.

“There is a proposed heli-deck and plentiful space to stow all the tenders, toys and small airplanes one would need on a round-the-world voyage,” according to the sales brochure.

The vessel’s offshore industrial roots include diesel-electric propulsion using four engines, azimuth drives and dynamic positioning. Accommodations would be quite different from the world’s oil patches. Design renderings show glass-paneled decks, a helicopter deck, and room for a swimming pool on deck.

Brokers at Edmiston Yacht are still marketing the vessel, advertising it is ready for finishing touches specified by a buyer, including a dive pool and docking for a submersible. The go-anywhere vessel is for sale for $72 million, with completion in 2018.

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    Captain Todd Nelson on

    There is already a 300+ foot vessel being completed in Ft. Lauderdale. It is called Voyager. It is built on an OSV hull design, but has been constructed from the beginning as a yacht.

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