Offshore industry records shutout against hurricanes

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially came to a close on Sunday. No equipment in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico was idled or shut-in during the 2014 season because of a hurricane or tropical storm, according to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Let me repeat that: No equipment in the U.S. Gulf was idled or shut-in because it was in the path of a hurricane or tropical storm the entire season.

There were no hurricanes in the Gulf over the past six months and only two tropical storms — Dolly and Hanna — which affected southern Mexico but not the U.S. Think of the money oil and oil service companies saved during the season. No structures had to be evacuated and none had to be replaced or repaired because of tropical storms or hurricanes. No OSVs had to come off station and head for the barn because they were in the path of a storm. That’s a tremendous monetary savings for those companies. Man, the oil and gas industry in the Gulf is on a roll. I know oil companies have a lot of influence but are they able to control the weather now, too? Incredible.

By the way, those who predicted doomsday for the Gulf Coast following major hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005 would never make it as Las Vegas sports books. It was reported then that because of global warming or climate change, storms entering the Gulf would continue to grow in strength and numbers. This marks the ninth year without a major (category 3,4 or 5) hurricane making landfall along the U.S. Gulf Coast. That’s only happened twice before since 1880.

But what about next year? When it comes to hurricanes, never take anything for granted.


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