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You’ve heard the expression, “He/She is natural born leader.” Unfortunately, for most of us, leadership is not a right of birth. On the other hand, leadership skills can be learned, and that is the point of the WorkBoat Strategic Leadership Program

Heading into its second year, the program, a joint effort between WorkBoat and Louisiana State University’s Executive Education department, is focused on giving mid-level managers the tools necessary to move up in their respective organizations. In other words, if I’m the owner of a marine company and have identified someone as crucial to my business going forward, then this is the program that will take that person to the next level. That’s the whole purpose of this year-long program.

Among the tools participants will have at their disposal are: LSU Executive Education business coach assigned to each participant; four days of face-to-face group instruction and networking on LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge, La., Oct. 6-9, 2015; Five one-on-one coaching sessions with an assigned business coach, four online learning sessions hosted by; all-access education, networking and event passes to the WorkBoat Maintenance & Repair Conference and Expo in April 2016 and the International WorkBoat Show and the WorkBoat Professional Series Annual Conferences in both December 2015 and December 2016.

07.02.15 WBLDcoverInterested? Well, there’s so much more.

Faculty and coaches in LSU’s Executive Education department will focus on the most pressing needs of the marine industry in terms of leadership qualities, self-development, teamwork, strategic planning, innovation, problem solving, conflict management, communication and more.

If you think I’m just a Homer (yes, I am an LSU grad), listen to what John R. Cox, safety manager at Florida Marine Transporters, said about the program. “The Workboat/LSU Strategic Leadership Development Program is focused on the professional development of individuals in the Maritime Industry. A major component of the program and an area that helped me to grow professionally was the extensive one on one work that I did with a committed LSU Executive Education Business Coach. Through this work I have been able to better navigate the responsibilities of my position with confidence. The program content was coordinated well with a thoughtful balance of blue and brownwater information. Undoubtedly, this program has provided me with a strong foundation for professional growth.”

So give our man in Portland, Maine, David Cohen, a call at 207-842-5578 ( He can answer all your questions about the program. You can also visit

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