A look back at WorkBoat for November 1969

  • The self-propelled deepwater drillship Typhoon, converted from the World War II-era refrigerated cargo ship Karin at Bethlehem Steel’s Beaumont, Texas, shipyard, was commissioned Oct. 2. Built for Storm Drilling Co., Houston, the Typhoon is the first drillship in the company’s rig fleet. The ship can drill in water up to 600′ deep. Built in 1945, the Karin was one of 105 C1 and other U.S. Maritime Commission type vessels built at the same Beaumont yard. Originally 338’x50′, the drillship is now 380’x70′. The Typhoon’s width was expanded by 10′ sponsons running about 250′ along both sides of the hull. The sponsons, built by the yard and welded to the ship’s sides, provide added stability and also serve as part of the base for the 170′ derrick.

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    Stephen Orsini on

    In December, 1969 Bender shipyard in Mobile, Alabama launched one of two sister ships built for the burgeoning Alaskan King Crab market. This vessel was the 84.4 ft long Scottie. Her sister ship was the Stevie. I was on the delivery of the Scottie from Mobile to Seattle in January 1970. Is there any way to check your December 1969 and/or January 1970 issues to see if you had a photo of either of these vessels?

    I have written a book about that delivery and need the photo in support of that work. I have tried to contact Bender but they were Signal and they too went bankrupt so that trail has gone cold.

    Thanks in this time of pandemic.

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