WorkBoat’s top news picks questioned

Each year, WorkBoat’s three editors choose the top 10 stories of the year. Usually, about seven or so choices stand out, with the last few up for debate.

A Dec. 3 blog on gcaptain, “Workboat lists top 10 stories of 2010 – What would you choose?,” questioned some of our selections and asked gcaptain blog readers what they would have selected instead. The blogger, Mike, wrote, “There were some obvious, some not so obvious, and some, well, let’s just say that’s not what we would have picked.”

First, I thank Mike for mentioning our magazine and annual Top 10 picks and providing the link to our selections, but apparently he doesn’t read our magazine or understand the markets and subject matter we cover. If he did, he would know that we are a brownwater and mainly North American market publication. We don’t cover the “single hull tanker ban in Korea” or “China’s shipbuilding industry,” unless these items have the potential to have a profound effect on any of the workboat market sectors we cover.

Mike wrote: “Other selections included the recession in the workboat industry, a sluggish year for boatbuilders, the ongoing Asian carp crisis, TWIC and the NMC, the green revolution lead by Foss Maritime, and the Duckboat. Yes, the Duckboat.”

All of the above have been ongoing and important stories/subjects in our industry over the last year. As for July’s duck boat accident, if Mike actually read our magazine, he would have realized that its selection as one of our 10 stories of the year was a slam-dunk.

Not only was the duck boat accident a national news story, but it has had and will continue to have (if and when new Coast Guard regulations come out) a big impact on the commercial passenger vessel industry, which, Mike should know, is one of the workboat sectors we cover and have covered in WorkBoat for decades. In fact, the fallout from the duck boat accident is so important that the Passenger Vessel Association held an all-day meeting on the subject at the WorkBoat Show.

And I am sure Mike didn’t intend to be disrespectful to the families of the two young Hungarian tourists that were killed in the duck boat accident. To them it was, unfortunately, the biggest story of the year and probably will be the biggest and saddest chapter of their lives.

Read gcaptain’s blog and my response.

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