WorkBoat Show singing a new October tune

Ever notice how many songs refer to New Orleans? Or have New Orleans in the title? I suspect there are more such musical connections to New Orleans than any other place in the country, maybe the world.

Songs with the city in the title include “Walking to New Orleans,” “City of New Orleans,” Battle of New Orleans,” Down in New Orleans,” “Back in New Orleans,” Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans” and even “Planet of New Orleans,” to name just a few. And then there is simply “New Orleans,” versions of which have been recorded by Wilson Pickett, Gary U.S. Bonds and Dr. John. Stevie Nicks does an ethereal version of a different song, also called “New Orleans,” on her album, “In Your Dreams.”  And Emmylou Harris sings about “New Orleans” on her album “Hard Bargain.”

Then there are the many, many references to New Orleans in song lyrics. I recently listened to Bob Dylan’s “Tangled Up in Blue,” in which Bob “drifted down to New Orleans, where I happened to be employed, working for a while on a fishing boat, right outside Delacroix.”

I could go on – and keep listening to music on Spotify – but I should probably get to the point: Time to make your own plans for “Walking to New Orleans.” Or, more likely, flying or driving. As you may have heard, this year’s WorkBoat Show in New Orleans is less than two months away, Oct. 9-11. For those of us who are used to the WorkBoat Show being a holiday event between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year’s show will be something of a culture shock, but so it goes. Maybe a little less Christmas music and more blues, which is fine with me.

See you on Frenchmen Street.

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Bruce Buls

With a degree in English literature from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!), journalism experience at the once-upon-a-time Seattle P-I, and at-sea experience as a commercial fisherman in Washington and Alaska, Bruce Buls has forged a career in commercial marine trade journalism, including stints at Alaska Fishermen’s Journal and National Fisherman, WorkBoat’s sister publications. Bruce spent 16 years as WorkBoat's technical editor before retiring in May 2015. He lives on Puget Sound’s Whidbey Island, about 20 miles north of Seattle (go 'Hawks!).

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