WorkBoat Products November 2012

Electric pump 

Xylem Water Solutions, a manufacturer of portable electric pumps with U.S. operations in Beverly, Mass., and Irvine, Calif., has introduced the Evacuator 8000 pump. The pump is designed to excel in environments that require fast and efficient removal of large amounts of standing or flooding water. With an 8,000-gph flow rate and power connection allowing for direct operation from a vessel’s 12-volt battery, the pump is a solution for remote locations that require high-volume dewatering capabilities, according to the company. The pump allows extended dry run time, preventing pump damage due to inconsistent water flow and incorporates a thermal overload and internal circuit breaker to ensure motor protection in the event of a locked rotor. An impact-resistant strainer protects against debris and jamming, and the pump can be used in both fresh and salt water environments. For more information, contact Xylem at 978-281-0440.

Hydraulic oils 

Chevron Lubricants, Louisville, Ky., recently introduced three new premium hydraulic oils — Clarity Synthetic Hydraulic Oil AW, Rando HDZ, and Rando HD Premium Oil MV. The new products offer multiviscosity or high viscosity index (VI) formulations that are designed to deliver fuel cost savings and increases in productivity. The new hydraulic oils feature improved oxidation and shear stability that deliver robust protection to hydraulic pumps. Call Chevron Lubricants at 800-533-6571.


High-performance engine 

Volvo Penta, Chesapeake, Va., recently unveiled its new V8-380 engine. The engine is designed to combine efficiency, strength and durability into a state-of-the-art package that exceeds EPA/CARB requirements, according to the company. Volvo Penta says its advanced technology and design innovation combine to give the V8-380 more horsepower with 12 percent less fuel consumption. The engine includes other key features such as Variable Valve Timing (VVT), optimized for maximum low-end torque and high-end horsepower, and more than 270 lbs. of weight savings. Call Volvo Penta at 757-436-2800.


High-power spotlight 

Kemp, Texas-based Larson Electronics’ has added the GL-9049-24V LED Golight to its line of Golight remote-controlled spotlights. This high-power spotlight combines the long life and high efficiency of LED technology with the Golight design to produce a powerful and reliable lighting solution capable of operating within a wide variety of professional applications, according to the company. The spotlight combines the power and efficiency of LEDs with the versatility and convenience of remote control operation. Producing 2,520 lumens and capable of throwing a light beam over 900′, the GL-9049-24V is designed to provide extreme reliability while allowing operators to remotely control on/off operation and vertical and horizontal movement from up to 100′ away, according to Larson. Call Larson Electronics at 800-369-6671.


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