WorkBoat Compensation Survey 2013

In 2011, WorkBoat published a survey of who makes how much money in the workboat industry. It was a first for us, and like many initial attempts at something, those in this industry are cautious about diving into the deep end of the pool, especially if you’re asking them personal questions like how much money they make annually. In spite of a number of such hurdles, “WorkBoat Compensation Survey 2011” saw the light of day that year and has proven to be a popular item indeed. After all, who doesn’t want to know how much someone else is making? Of course, the survey is that and a lot more.

Later this year, we will be releasing “WorkBoat Compensation Survey 2013.” I’ve been involved in the editing of the new survey, and, with apologies for sounding like a company man, this thing is pretty good — interesting.

In addition to compensation, there is information about who is answering the survey, how old they are, gender, how much education they have, what positions they have in their respective companies, military experience, company revenue, job functions, and a whole lot more.

I’ve heard for some years now that the value of having a bachelor’s degree in the workboat industry is overblown, a waste of time — four years where you could be collecting a paycheck. But that’s not what the stats show.

The new survey has statistics that can be compared to 2011, whereas 2011’s survey had no previous survey for comparison. In addition, the number of respondents grew by more than 20 percent from 2011.

And who those respondents are is interesting. In the “Shipyards and Other Marine Services” category, there was a 35 percent increase in the number of “Executives/Owners” who completed the survey versus 2011. “The number of Manager/Directors rose from a mere .5 percent in 2011 to over one-fifth of the respondents in 2013,” the survey says. Also, along the who answered line of questioning, the geographical sector that grew the most was the “Pacific Coast,” which should further put to rest the idea that WorkBoat is a Gulf Coast publication.

The “WorkBoat Compensation Survey 2013” is tentatively scheduled for publication the week of Sept. 23, 2013. There’s a lot of information here that you will find valuable to you and your company, and there’s a lot of information here that’s just kind of cool to read about.


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