Water by the keel

Heading out and coming back are the toughest part of any voyage. Once you get the keel moving though, the miles clip by at a good pace. Such is the case with the calendar year. January and December always seem like they are chockablock full with the days tumbling into weeks. Then all of a sudden we’re coasting through February.

Take a beat this holiday season, is my counsel. Pour your beer into a mug, pause to watch your child race across a frozen lawn, wrap your spouse’s gift, smoke a cigar, go for a stroll, look in a shop window, take a Sunday drive, call your brother, ask your sister about her kid, write a letter, give change to the bell ringer, put the game controller away and break out the checkers, lather some paint on something, dump the e-reader, read a newspaper, make breakfast, walk instead of driving, look around, listen.

Get off the bridge and get over to that rail is what I’m saying and stare down at all that water rushing past your hull.

And in the midst of the holiday season, don’t forget to take a moment to tilt your beverage in the direction of fate’s fickeldom. Fortunes turn as quick as bad times give way to good because after all it’s a voyage to nowhere.

Happy Holidays. On a hook.

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John K. Fulweiler

John K. Fulweiler is a licensed mariner and experienced admiralty attorney. He represents individuals and companies throughout the East and Gulf Coasts and has recently taken command of his own maritime law firm. He enjoys navigating the choppy waters of the maritime law, but readily admits to missing life on the water. He can be reached at john@fulweilerlaw.com . His website is www.saltwaterlaw.com.

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