Two more tugs underway at Washburn & Doughty

It seems like Washburn & Doughty Associates Inc. has a regular assembly line for its 92-foot tugs.


In January, the East Boothbay, Maine, shipyard was busy building another pair of 92-footers. One is the Independent for Tampa Tugs Two in Tampa, Fla. The new tug is scheduled for delivery in the spring. 

“This is the first tug we’ve delivered to this company. It will be used for shipdocking and handling,” said Katie Doughty, marketing manager at the yard. 

The second tug under construction is the James R. Moran, which is scheduled for an early summer delivery. When delivered, the James R. will be the 10th 92-foot tug for Moran Towing Corp. and the 14th 92-footer designed and built by Washburn & Doughty. 

The ninth tug for Moran Towing  was the Kaye E. Moran, which was delivered Dec. 19. The James R. and the Kaye E. are sisterships, and both will assist LNG tankers that call at the Dominion Cove Point, Md., LNG terminal on Chesapeake Bay. 

The 92’×32’×13’9’ Kaye E. Moran has winches fore and aft for working the tankers. On the bow is a Markey DYS-42 hawser winch and a Markey DYSS-24 winch for towing is on the stern. Up forward there is also a Markey CEP-40 electric warping capstan. 

Tugs working LNG tankers have to be able to throw out a lot of water and foam in a hurry, and the Kaye E. Moran has that ability. With a pair of monitors, a deluge system and the ability to work a fire for a minimum of 24 hours, the tug meets Firefighting (FiFi) 1 classification standards. 

The two electrically powered Skum monitors can be controlled from the pilothouse or at the monitors. They each have a capacity of 5,280 gpm and a range of 394 feet. There are also eight fire stations on the main deck. 

The pumping system includes a pair of 900-hp Caterpillar 3412C diesels and two Nijhuis HGTFI-1-250.500 pumps. 

The main propulsion comes from two EMD-12-645F7B engines, each rated at 2,550 hp at 900 rpm. The EMDs turn Rolls Royce 1650H Z-drives with 94” stainless-steel props.

The power package has an estimated bollard pull of 135,000 lbs. 

Since the Independent for Tampa Tugs Two won’t be working LNG ships, she doesn’t need FiFi 1 capability and can get by on a pair of Skum 1,500-gpm monitors with an Aurora 411 pump, which is powered by a Caterpillar 3406TA diesel.

The Independent will also pack 5,000 hp, provided by a pair of 2,500-hp 3516B Caterpillar main engines connected to Rolls Royce 1650H Z-drives with 94” stainless-steel props. It will develop an estimated 130,000 lbs. of bollard pull.       —Michael Crowley

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