Tug and barge crew extinguish apartment fire

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – Last week, an apartment on a canal here caught fire, quickly beginning to belch smoke and consume the building, when the alert crew of Salt River? Construction’s tug Brandy Bar leaped into action, using a backhoe on a barge to extinguish the flames.

The heroism was captured by YouTube user Mike Clemmons, who took video from across the water. He describes the scene this way: “The flames had just started to reach the neighboring apartment when it was extinguished. It was very dramatic to watch live, and incredible to watch citizen heros springing in to action.”

Watch the full footage here:


The Brandy Bar is a 50′, 750 hp tug built in 1960 by Umpqua River Navigation. The vessel is currently working on a dredging project with the US Army Corps of Engineers and took it upon themselves to help extinguish the fire. You can read a full account of the incident here.

Finally, the crew of the Bar, itself, took some footage of its work. It’s a bit hard to make out what’s happening, but pretty cool to be right on deck with them:


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