TransSPAR craft design is the next generation offshore WSV

NEW ORLEANS –At the International WorkBoat Show, Oceanic Consulting Corporation and ExtremeOcean Innovation Inc. announced their new design for wind farm service vessels.

The development of ExtremeOcean Innovation’s TranSPAR craft design was supported by the Carbon Trust, as part of their Offshore Wind Accelerator Access Competition, launched in 2010. ExtremeOcean’s concept is a low-motion vessel, radically different from any existing WSV. The TranSPAR craft uses a very small waterplane area and a large air gap between the water surface and the crew cabin.

Oceanic assisted ExtremeOcean Innovation in many aspects of the development of the design. The first stage was to refine the design concept and estimate its performance. The design has many innovative features. To provide design recommendations a series of both physical scale model experiments and numerical simulations were conducted. Since the operability of such a vessel is mostly influenced by vessel motions, this was given the highest priority in the design process.

Further analysis was carried out by Oceanic to determine the capital and operating costs of the proposed vessels. The analysis of the operating costs required the development of a special simulation code, based on the “travelling salesman” optimization algorithm. The analysis was used to determine sensitivities in the number of service vessels for a given number of wind turbines, the design speed of the vessel, and the number of wind turbines that can realistically be serviced in a day.

Looking forward, Oceanic will continue to work with ExtremeOcean as they continue the development of the TranSPAR craft moving it closer to commercialization.

With an initial focus on continuing to develop and optimize the design, ExtremeOcean hopes to finalize the TranSPAR Craft design and move towards the demonstration of a full-scale version of the TranSPAR craft by mid- to late 2014.

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