Towboat salvaged on the Tennessee

The 3,000-hp Elly Lane was successfully salvaged in late December after it sunk near the docking facilities of First Marine Corp. in Calvert City, Ky., near Mile Marker 11 on the Tennessee River. Nine crewmembers safely evacuated from the 103’×30’ towboat as it began to sink on Dec. 16. Canal Barge Co. Inc., New Orleans, owns the boat. Tom Smith, Canal Barge’s vice president of human resources, said the boat evacuation went smoothly because of the training the company puts its crews through. “This is an example of all the training and the drills doing our crewmembers a lot of good,” said Smith. The boat had been pushing coal from Calvert City to the Colbert Steam Plant at Tennessee River Mile Marker 245. When the boat was back at the dock in Calvert City to bring supplies on board, it began to take on water. It went down in about 15 minutes. The boat was refloated and repairs are underway. Smith said the cause of the accident is under investigation.  The towboat was built in 1974.                                         — Ken Hocke 


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