Seakeeper Gyro increases productivity for Braveheart vessel

NEW ORLEANS—At the International WorkBoat Show, Braveheart Shipping BV announced its newest vessel. With the goal of servicing wind farms more than 200 miles offshore, as well as performing survey functions, adverse sea conditions were a certainty. Guardian is the result. This Javelin 22.22 equipped with a Seakeeper M21000 gyro stabilization system can operate productively in a wide range of sea states, leading to greater profitability for Braveheart.
Netherlands-based Braveheart Shipping BV specializes in crew tendering for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind energy facilities, hydrographic and seismological research, and survey activities. With stability, speed and crew comfort set as priorities, Braveheart assigned Javelin International to build the latest 22 m addition to its fleet, the newly-designed Javelin 22.22.
“Both national and international clients are increasing the demand for offshore activities,” said Jelle Hakvoort, CEO of Braveheart Shipping. “The Javelin has qualities that have never been used in this market, such as the vessel’s stability even with wave heights of 2-4 meters, the increase of the field of activity and the transfer of personnel to the windmills. This vessel is equipped with at least equal technology to vessels twice as long.”

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