Response Marine patrol boat for Lake George

Lake George in upstate New York is 36 miles long and two miles wide. In that space are more than 100 islands, many of them used by campers. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation patrols the lake and islands, and makes sure that campers are safe. 

Now, thanks to a new 25’ patrol boat, department personnel will be able to cover this big territory quickly. 

The 25’×8’9”×1’6”, deep-V aluminum law enforcement boat, which was to be delivered in October, was designed by Response Marine of Newburyport, Mass., and built by Viking Welding and Fabrication, Seabrook, N.H. The boat will be powered by a pair of 225-hp Mercury outboards.

Bill Lincoln, president of Response Marine and the boat’s designer, estimates that the boat will hit 60 mph. 

Part of the reason for all the speed is that besides law-enforcement duties, the boat and its crews are responsible for transporting injured campers off the islands. 

To bring people aboard the boat, there’s a step at the bow for access to the foredeck, and a hinged, swing-down door with steps on the side.

The welded-aluminum boat has both transverse and longitudinal framing and two watertight bulkheads. It carries 100 gals. of fuel in an aluminum tank. 

Except for the horsepower, it’s pretty much a no-frills boat: two pedestal seats and two 4-foot bench seats with storage underneath. There’s also room to put a stretcher on deck. 

Lincoln says the hull is about normal for a 25-footer, except that it has a little deeper vee: 18º at the transom and 55º at the cutwater. Usually the transom would hold at 14º, but with the large outboards, he needed to be able to support their weight and provide a more comfortable ride at hull speed. 

One thing Lincoln has started doing is “tweaking the displacement in the bracket area [where the outboards are mounted]to suit the weight of the engines. It’s a good way to effect displacement without changing the hull design,” he said.

The bracket could be made narrower, side to side, and not as deep for smaller engines. And with lighter engines, it could be stepped up, instead of being a continuation of the bottom plate. 

When the boat for Lake George is completed, Viking Welding will build another aluminum boat designed by Response Marine — a 28’ landing craft. 

It’s being built for the Thompson Island Outward Bound School in Boston Harbor and can carry up to 24 passengers and equipment to and from the island.       — Michael Crowley 

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