Previous Staten Island Ferry Accidents


The worst accident in the history of the Staten Island Ferry took place at the Whitehall Terminal when the boiler of the Westfield exploded, killing 100 and injuring 200.



The Northfield was hit hard by a Jersey Central Railroad vessel, the Mauch Chunk, and sank almost instantly. Five of her 995 passengers died. 



The Bronx, with 2,000 passengers aboard, took a sudden dive as she passed the Robbins Reef Light, which marks a major obstruction just off Staten Island. Three passengers drowned. The cause of the mysterious accident has never been determined. 



A bomb was detonated aboard the Knickerbocker, and a Norwegian tanker hit the Dongan Hills. No lives were lost. 



The Verrazano sank in her slip after 34 passengers were injured in a collision with a tanker. She became the first Staten Island Ferry vessel to go down since the Northfield in 1901. 



The American Legion, packed with commuters, became lost in dense fog and slammed into a seawall at the Battery, injuring 251 people. 



The American Legion was rammed in  dense fog by a Norwegian freighter with no loss of life. 



Mechanical problems caused the Barberi to plow into a slip in St. George, injuring some passengers. 

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