Port shoremen want to help with port security

The International Longshoremen’s Association wants to be trained to help with port security, an official said at the recent SecurePort 2005 conference in Miami.

ILA secretary-treasurer Robert Gleason said he wanted everyone to know the ILA was “ready and willing to assist in making our ports and our waterborne transportation system a safer place.”

The ILA is a “perfect example” of an organized work force that could help secure ports, he said. “We’re not looking for any additional remuneration,” Gleason said. “We’re seeking help. We have the facilities. All we need are the teachers.”

Gleason said the union wants to learn exactly what to look for, how to report it, and any other tips to help spot problems. 

“With the proper training, the things that the average person wouldn’t notice, a trained person would,” he said at the second annual conference.

 “We’re looking to be trained, much like people were trained during World War II.”                  — Dale K. Dupont 

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