OCEAN PROJECT Specifications

Builder/Designer: Master Boat Builders
Owner: Oceaneering International
Mission: Dive support vessel
Length: 200′
Beam: 46′
Depth (Molded): 15′
Draft: 12’6″
Main Propulsion: (2) Caterpillar 3512C, 1,574 HP @ 1,600 RPM
Ship’s Service Power:  (4) Caterpillar C-18, 425 kw (parallel operation)
Marine Gear: (2) Twin Disc MGX-5600, 5.0 Red Slip Clutch, 5:1 ratio
Propellers: (2) Rolls-Royce Hung Chin 74″x60″, 5-bladed, bronze
Controls: Twin Disc EC-300DP
Bowthruster: Omega 1170, 450 hp, electric motor through frequency drives
Steering System: Split rudder Jastram /Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics
Speed (Knots): 12.4 (cruise); 11 (loaded)
Hull Material: Steel
Crew/Passenger Capacity: 50 Berths
Capacities (Gallons): Fuel, 63,100; ballast, 237,850
Rear Deck: 94’x40′ (3,000 sq.-ft. of open deck space), 550 LT
Electronics: New World Electronics
Ancillary Equipment/Systems: Nautilus 40-ton, electric/hydraulic 180BT-50/70 crane; (2) decompression chamber; 12’6″-dia. baffled moon pool; (24) helium bottle below deck; (4) Markey four-point mooring winch
Classification/Certification: USCG Subchapter L; ABS loadline under 500 GT 
Delivery Date: February 2011

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