November 2012 Mailbag

Cleanup of the barge Davy Crockett was ‘ridiculous’ 

The Davy Crockett barge incident mentioned in WorkBoat in November 2011 (“Davy’s Demise”) was very interesting.

The last time I saw the Davy Crockett was in Puget Sound when it was laying a sewer outfall to a deep-discharge point. The configuration of a cut-in-half World War II Liberty Ship that was welded to itself is an interesting concept. The concept was portrayed in the 1989 movie “The Abyss.”

But the most interesting thing about this is the amount of money used to clean up oil and debris such as rail ties, mercury-laden lamps and some old tires. All of this salvaged stuff probably now sits in a landfill.

If the owner of the Davy Crockett would have sold it for scrap or cleaned it up after it was last used and donated it to the Artificial Reef Society (of British Columbia), they would not have had the government knocking on their door to spend a ridiculous amount of money for doing a ridiculous cleanup.

Tom Ekelmann

Keyport, Wash. 


Editor’s Note: The salvage of the Davy Crockett on the Columbia River took seven months, recovered 33,500 gals. of bunker oil and cost almost $22 million. 


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