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Surface preparation 

Blastrac N.A., Oklahoma City, Okla., a manufacturer of surface preparation products, is marketing a new and more powerful 500E Global portable shotblast cleaning system. The new system is designed to blast horizontal steel surfaces and break down to fit through a 24″ access opening. Updated with a 35-hp motor, this latest design is 20 percent more productive than previous models and reduces out of service time on critical tank projects, which can reduce labor costs. For more information, call 800-256-3440.


New shackles 

Useful Products, distributed by IntegriCert, a load testing, inspection and rigging company servicing the oil and gas industry, has introduced the VIC-LOK shackle. Designed to be the strongest domestically forged shackle on the market, the VIC-LOK is a captive, permanently attached shackle that cannot be removed without being cut off or destroyed. The patent-pending design has a five-to-one load safety factor and is available in sizes from a half to one inch. The shackles have certified load ranges from 3.5 tons to 13 tons. For more information, call IntegriCert at 877-246-3905.


Fuel filter alarm system 

SKIMOIL Inc., Carroboro, N.C., has developed a new diesel fuel filter alert and alarm system for the commercial marine industry. The system, which provides an accurate and real-time indication of fuel filter status, consists of a remote digital display panel and rugged stainless steel sensors. The digital display features a numeric pressure readout with active messages and a colored-light indicator that changes from green to yellow to red as the filters become more clogged. An audible alarm sounds when filter attention is required to help operators avoid loss of power or engine failure. For more information, contact SKIMOIL at 314-579-9755. 

Bulkhead seals 

Mide Marine’s new non-contacting and non-rotating bulkhead seals only activate in the presence of water. These low wear, low maintenance, seals employ HydroActive technology to provide a low leak, no noise bulkhead seal solution that easily install on any vessel. Call Medford, Mass.-based Mide Marine at 781-306-0609.




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