NEWS BITTS – New York to require air emission standards for city ferries

New York City recently approved legislation to require city-owned or -operated ferries to burn ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel by July 1. The legislation also requires the ferries to employ “best available technology” to reduce air emissions through engine upgrades. The requirement will be phased in over four years. Ferries that are too old to meet these environmental standards must be retired. The legislation, approved by the Council of the City of New York, affects vessels operated by Staten Island Ferry . “Retrofitting our ferry fleet to use ultra-low-sulfur diesel is a simple and obvious way to reduce New York City’s carbon footprint,” said the council’s Environmental Committee Chair James F. Gennaro. “This legislation finally brings our ferries in line with the clean-air innovations we’ve already brought to our buses, taxis, sanitation trucks and other city government fleet vehicles.”

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