New DP guide needed to keep up with rapidly expanding technology

NEW ORLEANS – The use of dynamic positioning (DP) systems is growing largely due to the move of offshore exploration and production activities into deeper water. Consequently, increasing numbers of offshore support vessels are now equipped with DP capability. These DP technologies are being applied in a growing range of applications.

As technologies change in application and usage, class societies like the American Bureau of Shipping are developing guides and rules for the industry.

The newly released ABS Guide for Dynamic Positioning Systems addresses current requirements and provides new optional notations, including technical specifications that reflect current industry practice and DP technologies. The DP guide, which is applicable to systems installed onboard vessels, offshore installations and facilities, documents ABS requirements for the design, testing and surveying of DP systems.

A number of new features include Enhanced System (EHS) notations, to recognize design features beyond current DPS-series notations and to provide flexibility to owners and operators, and Station-Keeping Performance (SKP) notations, which recognize DP capability and encourage robust design of the DP system.

The DP guide, which is applicable to newbuilds and existing OSVs and offshore facilities, contains details of vessel type specifications and lists requirements for testing and periodic survey. It also provides a greater level of detail on technical requirements that will help less experienced users.

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