My Workboat Show Top 10 — Part II

Last month I discussed the first half of my top 10 list from October’s International Workboat Show in New Orleans. It was a great show and is always high on my list of can’t-miss events. I look forward to next year when it returns to its early December time slot.

Here is the second half of the top 10 things that I learned at this year’s WorkBoat Show.

• When I attend the show, I can only walk a few steps before I run into someone I have not seen in a while. This year, many of my towing vessel friends were at the show, and we discussed Subchapter M. I learned that there is much concern about Subchapter M and what it is going to mean for everyone. I am also concerned over the new rule because we have a small towboat in our fleet.

• If you are in the marine industry, this is the show for you. I unleash my crew at the WorkBoat Show and basically don’t see them for days.  When I finally see them, they are weighed down with sales literature, business cards and great ideas. The show simply is a one-stop shop.

• New Orleans is back. The city was absolutely filled to the brim with attendees and tourists. It was great to see. Since Hurricane Katrina, I have not seen New Orleans like this, and I am happy for the city. 

• At the show, I learned what the actual deadline is for submitting non-tank vessel response plans. There was a lot of confusion surrounding the actual date, but I learned that it is Jan. 30, 2014. 

• As I follow in the footsteps of the Greek philosopher Diogenes (the cynic who hunted for an honest man), I could not find one person who thought the TWIC card was a good idea. There wasn’t one person from the towing or passenger vessel industry, the shoreside service industry, or anyone else at the show that told me that they thought the TWIC card was useful. Do I need to say any more?

 I hope you all enjoyed my top 10 list from this year’s WorkBoat Show.

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