Morgan City flood report

WorkBoat senior editor Ken Hocke reports from Morgan City, LA, on the high water of the Atchafalaya River and how it’s threatening the local workboat industry, including Conrad Industries’ Morgan City shipyard. Moving from the waterfront, to the Allen-Long Bridge, to Front Street, you can see, first-hand, the potential impact of the high water and how local residents are preparing for the worst.


Hocke also took the time to interview Port of Morgan City Executive Director Jerry Hoffpauir: What are the port’s responsibilities during high water? What are his major concerns and what are those of workboat owners and operators? What problems lay ahead once the water goes back down? Hear the answers first-hand from a man on the frontlines.

Hocke also spoke with Duane Lodrigue, one of the Port’s commissioners. He details the traffic and tonnage that comes through the Port and talks about the scope and type of work the Port generally focuses on. You can also hear his comments about the work of the Army Corps of Engineers. How does he think they’re performing?

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