Mississippi closed as storm passes

NEW ORLEANS – The AP and Coast Guard both reported overnight that the Mississippi River remained closed as Hurricane Isaac hit New Orleans, but that as of yet there was only one report of a loose cargo ship, which forced the closure of the interstate 310 bridge at Luling, and three loose barges that threatened a bridge at Southwest Pass. The Coast Guard reported that the river remained closed to shipping, but may open again as early as today.

Roughly 10 ships, the Coast Guard said, are waiting to enter the river about 100 miles south of New Orleans. One cruise liner was among them.

As for rescue operations, an MH-65C Dolphin helicopter crew hoisted a family and their two dogs from a home in LaPlace as storm surge poured into their neighborhood. The Coast Guard received a call for help from local authorities shortly after midnight.

“The husband and wife and their two dogs were in an area where a lot of houses washed away,” said Lt. Cmdr. Jorge Porto, in a statement. “They used a flashlight inside the house as a signaling device, which made all the difference in locating them effectively.”

WorkBoat will continue to report on how Isaac is affecting the maritime industry.

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