Look who’s supporting waterways spending

While reviewing recent issues of WorkBoat, a NewsLog* story we ran in May jumped out at me. The headline was “TV ad promotes the inland waterways.” The story was about a 30-second spot aimed at Washington policymakers during deliberations on the 2011 budget for waterways programs. The ad was paid for by the Waterways Council.

The story also mentions a parallel program, the “Let’s Rebuild America” campaign launched by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The story quotes Murphie Barrett of the Chamber: “We are boosting our efforts to make the case to key decision-makers that improving and increasing investment in marine transportation must be a priority.”

Didn’t waterways projects receive billions of dollars in stimulus money?

Didn’t the Chamber of Commerce also lobby strongly for TARP?

Hasn’t the U.S. Chamber of Commerce been behind election campaigns that bash Democrats for supporting both TARP and stimulus projects?

Didn’t the Chamber just receive a $10,000 donation from Glen “TARP-Is-Fascism/Stimulus-Is-Socialism” Beck?

In all cases, the answer is yes.

Go figure.

*May 2010 WorkBoat, pp. 22-23

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With a degree in English literature from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!), journalism experience at the once-upon-a-time Seattle P-I, and at-sea experience as a commercial fisherman in Washington and Alaska, Bruce Buls has forged a career in commercial marine trade journalism, including stints at Alaska Fishermen’s Journal and National Fisherman, WorkBoat’s sister publications. Bruce spent 16 years as WorkBoat's technical editor before retiring in May 2015. He lives on Puget Sound’s Whidbey Island, about 20 miles north of Seattle (go 'Hawks!).

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