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My first blog for, and I have an image of wooden blocks being tugged free, blog tilting toward the channel, and then a hurtling rush ending with a spray of water. In other words, we just got launched and we’re bobbing cheerfully next to the pier.

Since we don’t share a galley where I can tell you something about myself, I’ll condense things into a short biography. I’m a maritime attorney with a practice that covers the East and Gulf Coasts. I live in Connecticut and spend time at my various desks located in Florida, New York and Rhode Island. I like driving boats and did so commercially up through college. I still keep my license current in case one day, as I tell my wife usually after a couple of beers, I decide to leave the office life behind!

I’ve written a fair bit for WorkBoat magazine’s Legal Talk column. As for a sense of the man behind the words, I’m probably a follower of the philosophy of John D. MacDonald’s character “Travis McGee.” (If you haven’t read the series, stop reading this nonsense and hurry over to your bookstore.)

I want to thank WorkBoat magazine and for allowing me to post my occasional musings. The aim of my blog is to share some of the legal oddities that maritime law offers and which make the practice interesting, as well as sharing an opinion or two on maritime items that catch my eye.

Underway and making way.

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John K. Fulweiler

John K. Fulweiler is a licensed mariner and experienced admiralty attorney. He represents individuals and companies throughout the East and Gulf Coasts and has recently taken command of his own maritime law firm. He enjoys navigating the choppy waters of the maritime law, but readily admits to missing life on the water. He can be reached at . His website is

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