Leevac Shipyards launches a PSV for Tidewater

Leevac Shipyards Jennings launched the Torrens Tide on Oct. 17. Though the launch may have only lasted nine seconds, the ship’s namesake, Mary Torrens, said she would have driven twice as far to witness “her” vessel taking the plunge. “I am humbled and honored to be included in Tidewater‘s long standing tradition of naming vessels after its employees, and I thank the nominating committee at Tidewater Inc. for this privilege. I am especially proud that the Torrens Tide is being built in Louisiana, and I applaud Chris Vaccari and the hard-working men and women of  Leevac Shipyards. Like the Leevac Shipyard Jennings yard, this vessel is top-notch, and I look forward to being at her christening next spring,” Mary Torrens said.

The Torrens Tide is a MMC-designed 879 Platform Supply Vessel that will be certified for worldwide operations. Chris Vaccari, owner and CEO of  Leevac  says the Torrens Tide is a unique project for  Leevac Shipyards as the vessel was relocated from Tidewater’s Shipyard in Houma to  Leevac’s Jennings facility for final completion. The Torrens Tide will return to Leevac’s Houma yard for final outfitting, commissioning and testing.
The Torrens Tide will be delivered in April 2014.

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