When people hear the Laborde name they often think of John P. Laborde, the patriarch of the offshore industry who was instrumental in its development and served as OSV giant Tidewater Inc.’s CEO for almost 40 years.

Now his sons have ventured out to make their own marks on the industry.

In 1995, Peter Laborde left Tidewater Inc. after 17 years to form his own company, Laborde Marine LLC. In 1998, the company built two new 210′ DP PSVs and purchased a 191′ OSV.

To meet the increased demand for crewboat services, Laborde soon formed Laborde Marine Crewboats . The company started out with a fleet of five crewboats in the Gulf of Mexico and then added nine 162′ crew/fast-supply vessels. The company now has a fleet of 15 crewboats/fast-suppliers.

In 2007, Peter’s brother Cliffe joined the company. Cliffe also worked for Tidewater, spending almost as many years at the company as his brother.

Soon after Cliffe joined the fold, the brothers teamed up to sign a newbuild contract with Eastern Shipbuilding Group Inc., Panama City, Fla., for the construction of three 280-class platform supply vessels.

The 260’x60′ DP-2, SOLAS-certified vessels will be the first new vessels for Laborde since 1998 and the company’s first vessels specifically designed for the deepwater market. “These are our first new deepwater vessels,” said Peter Laborde. “Hopefully we’ll build more at Eastern.”

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