JMS to design research vessel for Virginia

JMS Naval Architects, Mystic, Conn., has been awarded a contract from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science to design an 80′ research vessel.

The VIMS research vessel will be used for scientific research in the main stem and tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay, and will be capable of conducting extended science missions in coastal and offshore areas within the mid-Atlantic region.

The JMS Coastal Research Vessel Series concept-model provides a multipurpose, efficient and cost-effective platform from which scientists and educators can study coastal oceanic phenomena and explore physical, chemical, biological and geological processes. The design offers flexibility in science outfitting allowing for high utilization and affordable operating day rates. The vessel will be able to easily adapt to evolving scientific research areas such as environmental impact studies, offshore oil and gas exploration surveys, wind energy development surveys and maintenance of ocean observing systems.

The 80′ vessel will be designed for multi-disciplinary coastal-science studies including fish and invertebrate sampling, bottom geological and benthic coring, deployment and retrieval of data buoys, heavy mooring, seismic and bathymetry surveys, mid-water and trawls, CTD and other vertical water-sampling deployments. The hull, propulsion and machinery systems will be designed for quiet operation for acoustic survey work and be equipped with state of-the-art technology with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

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