Isaac complicates crew change

Luckily, while people prepared for the worst, Hurricane Isaac hasn’t caused anything near the widespread damage that Hurricane Katrina did seven years previous. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot of people didn’t get awfully wet. In scouring YouTube for videos of the impact Isaac may have had on the workboat industry, we came across these gems from YouTube user leezard86, who crews a towboat that operates out of Mobile Bay.

As you’ll see, just getting on the boat as part of a routine crew change is made problematic, necessitating a wade through knee-deep water (watch out for snakes!) and the appropriate shoe choice.

We here at WorkBoat HQ sincerely hope that this is the most of your inconveniences if you’re riding out this storm, and that all of you are able to keep as positive an attitude at leezard. Oh, and the language here is PG-13…



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