Industry responds to lack of dam, lock funding

Washington, D.C. – The National Waterways Conference on Feb. 16 denounced what it called “inadequate funding” for the Army Corps of Engineers civil works program in the Obama Administration’s budget for fiscal year 2012. The NWC feels that, despite the president’s recent rhetoric on the importance of infrastructure, the $4.6 billion proposal fails to recognize that investments in our nation’s water resources infrastructure are investments in our nation’s future.

“Just weeks ago in his State of the Union Address, the President drew the strong and clear linkages of our future well-being to infrastructure and the competiveness of our great workforce in the global economy, including the strategic role of exports in revitalizing our economy. Water resources development is a vital component of achieving the President’s vision,” the press release reads.

“Unfortunately, the Administration’s budget fails to recognize the critical role of our water resources infrastructure to a robust economy, job creation and environmental well-being. Our water resources infrastructure provides life-saving flood control, abundant water supplies, shore protection, water-based recreation, environmental restoration, and hydropower production, essential to our economic well-being. Moreover, waterways transportation is the safest, most energy-efficient and environmentally sound mode of transportation.”

In the release, NWC Chairman Fred Caver noted that, “Investments in infrastructure are long-term investments in the strength and security of the nation. We are disappointed that the Administration’s budget fails to recognize these compelling needs, choosing instead to emphasize environmental restoration to the detriment of our aging infrastructure. We urge the Congress – in recognition of the multiple benefits that our water resources infrastructure offers – to provide funding for our nation’s essential capital investments.” 

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