Hubbell Marine’s 100-amp shore power cable sets designed to handle big power

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, which was first to introduce a marinized 100-amp Ship-to-Shore Cable Set, says it offers a variety of 100-amp cord sets to meet the larger power demands of modern boats.

Manufactured in factory-controlled conditions using specially compounded cable to accommodate a full 100 amps, the cable sets come in 75-, 100- and 125-foot lengths. A 50-foot extension cord is also available.

Hubbell says it developed the industry standard for 100-amp, 125/250V pin-and-sleeve devices with the National Electric Code and American Boat and Yacht Council. Its rugged, watertight and corrosion-resistant cable sets, the Shelton, Conn.-based company says, are 105°C rated, UL-listed and ABYC compliant.

Only Hubbell offers three, four and five wire cord sets in 125/250V or 120/208V configurations, the company says. To meet specific shore power requirements, the array includes models for boats with an isolation transformer onboard, or for craft using a cable winch system.

Hubbell Marine’s 100-amp Ship-to-Shore Cable Sets have suggested retail prices starting at $1,800. The company also offers a line of high-quality 100-amp pin and sleeve plugs, connector bodies, inlet and receptacles boxes, closure caps and replacement parts.

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