Hearings held on how regulations affect maritime industry

WASHINGTON – The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation held hearings here last week to look into how regulations created by the Coast Guard and EPA are affecting job growth in the maritime industry, while still providing protections for the environment and worker safety. 

Among those testifying before the panel was Jimmy Lafont, head of Callais and Sons, out of Cut Off, La., along with Vice Admiral Brian Salerno, Deputy Commandant for Operations at the Coast Guard; James Hanlon, Director, Office of Wastewater Management at the EPA; Chris Koch, president and CEO of the World Shipping Council; and others. 

Specific rules that were examined include the recently published standards for living organisms in ships’ ballast water discharge; the towing vessel safety regulations that are due to become final in short order; marine vapor control systems regulations; and TWIC regulations. 

Pamela Glass has coverage of the hearings in her blog today, but if you’d like to watch the hearings in their entirety, you can view the following video: