HAWC 11m workboat sea trials

As fuel prices increase, nearly everyone is seeking technology that can make workboats more efficient and cut fuel consumption. One company working on this is HAWC Technologies, which is licensed by the University of Stellenbosch (South Africa) to use the HYSUCAT (Hydrofoil Supported Catamaran) and HYSUWAC (Hydrofoil Supported Water Craft) trademarks, technologies and patents that were developed by Prof. K.G. Hoppe and owned by the university. According to company materials, their boats are best suited for high speed in rough water, using as little as 60 percent of the power and fuel consumption of comparable boats of the same size and displacement weight to achieve the same speed. WorkBoat has not confirmed these findings independently. 

However, we did find a video of the company performing sea trials of an 11-meter boat in moderate seas off Nine Pins and Junk Bay in Hong Kong. Take a look:


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