Great North River Competition results

HUDSON RIVER, N.Y. – On Sept. 2, the 20th annual Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition was held. The competition was based out of Hudson River Park at Pier 84 in Manhattan with 21 tugs participating. The tugs paraded from Pier 84 up to the 79th Street Boat Basin, then turned around and raced back. The competition was separated out into four divisions, based on horsepower.

The overall winner was Kirby Offshore’s 8,000-hp tug Lincoln Sea, which made it back in a time of 5:01. Just behind was the Division B winner Meagan Ann, operated by Donjon Marine, at 5:27. The Division C winner was Little Toot, a privately operated 700-hp tug. And, finally, the Division D winner was Growler, operated by the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, with a time of 9:04.

You can see all the results and more coverage at the Working Harbor Committee web site here.

The Meagan Ann also took home another prize: First place in the 2012 Line Throw, winning with a time of just 22 seconds. This year, the line throw was so difficult that only two boats actually got the line on the bollard, with the Buchanan 12, operated by Buchanan Marine, coming in at 1:22.

Want to see the winning toss? Here’s the video:


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