Ferry superstructure transfer at Vigor

Vigor Industrial is currently building Washington state’s new 144-car ferries at the company’s Seattle shipyard. The shipbuilders hit a major milestone on March 5, when they moved the 270’x80’x45’ superstructure of the Tokitae onto the 362’x83’x24′ hull, while both structures were in floating drydocks. The 1,100-ton superstructure, fabricated at Nichols Brothers Boat Builders on Whidbey Island and barged to Vigor on March 2, was too heavy to lift by cranes. Instead, the team put the superstructure in one of the facility’s three floating drydocks and put the hull in another. After lining the drydocks up end-to-end, the team adjusted the buoyancy of each drydock to align the top of the hull with the bottom of the superstructure. Working with heavy lifting contractor Omega Morgan, the team laid down 600′ of track to bridge the distance between the hull and the superstructure. The transfer took five hours.


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