Election Day thoughts

I don’t know who’ll win today, but I do know that it’s been a sad state of affairs.

Whether you’re voting red, blue or what have you, you need to shut the media off, walk away from your friends, and clutch out of gear.

Now, with the current taking you, I ask you to consider the following:

Letting people vote easily, efficiently and sufficiently outside the workday to accommodate everyone should be a no-brainer.

Anyone who thinks all the poor need is a better work ethic and some discipline is fortunate enough never to have seen or felt what being dirt poor is like. 

Immigration, our spreading militarization and a forgotten prison system should give us all a heck of a lot more pause than gay marriage and abortion.   

The death of a diplomat at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi shouldn’t have happened and answers are needed, but it probably shouldn’t be politicized.

This country needs to put down the brass knuckles and pick up the tools of slick and smart diplomacy. Didn’t our youthful adventures teach us that just because you knocked him down you didn’t change his mind?

Corporations are not citizens and you should be mad as hell that there’s law to the contrary.

Change happens and unless this country adapts to the changing seas, we’ll end up as stale and forgotten as any civilization.  

Finally, Romney should’ve kept to the middle of the channel and picked New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as his running mate. If he’d had sailed that course, he probably would’ve had my vote.

Underway and making way to the voting booth.

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John K. Fulweiler

John K. Fulweiler is a licensed mariner and experienced admiralty attorney. He represents individuals and companies throughout the East and Gulf Coasts and has recently taken command of his own maritime law firm. He enjoys navigating the choppy waters of the maritime law, but readily admits to missing life on the water. He can be reached at john@fulweilerlaw.com . His website is www.saltwaterlaw.com.

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