‘Drunk’ tow captain story sets web afire

More than 200 online news sources (including MSNBC.com and many others) have picked up on a story that ran in the Palm Beach Post and other Florida newspapers about tow boat captain Timothy Pooler, who was arrested this week and charged with boating under the influence. 

According to reports, Pooler was dispatched last Thursday evening to help two recreational boaters who had broken down off the coast of Delray Beach, in Florida. He apparently arrived some four hours later, was intoxicated, and proceeded to two the boaters around in circles for four hours. 

In the end, both boats needed tows back to shore, and Pooler was picked up by Florida Fish and Wildlife. 

WorkBoat.com is looking into further information about this story. However, just a quick read of the comments at the end of the Palm Beach Post story shows these kinds of incidents are not the best PR for the industry as a whole.  


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