Donjon salvages sunken barge under Newport Pell Bridge

HILLSIDE, N.J. – Donjon Marine this week successfully solved the mystery raised by Sam Pfeifle’s blog back in November, by announcing it was the firm contracted to raise a 300-ton barge used as a platform for painting supplies and disposal equipment that sank in 100 feet of water after a violent Nor’Easter storm near Newport Pell Bridge in Newport, R.I., and not, as reported by many, “Northeast Salvage.” The barge also contained oil in three tanks with a reported 2,400 gallons of fuel at the time of the sinking.

According to Donjon, by working closely with the U.S. Coast Guard, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, the barge owners, underwriters, and environmental groups, Donjon’s salvage crews and divers were able to devise a salvage plan, work to clear the barge of hazardous materials and oil, and with its 1,000-ton floating crane Chesapeake 1,000, lift the barge with a number of slings. The job was successfully completed in 33 days.

“This project required experience in professional heavy lift salvage, deep water diving, and environmental remediation, to name just a few,” said John A. Witte, Jr., EVP of Donjon, in a statement. “Donjon Marine brings all of these capabilities and over 40 years of cost-effective service in response to the needs of the marine community to each job it completes.”

Donjon reports it has completed several jobs over the last 30 years in the New England region, including salvaging the tug Scandia and barge North Cape. 

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