Cummins introduces 4,000-hp marine engine


At a large customer event held inside the Cummins Inc. factory in Seymour, Ind., on Nov. 1, the company unveiled the QSK95, a new high-horsepower, high-speed diesel engine. The engine will be the most powerful in the Cummins product line. The 16-cylinder, 95-liter engine has been designed to meet EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations that take effect in 2014, the first year of the engine’s limited production. Full production is expected in 2015.

Rating for the QSK95 will be from 3,200 hp to 4,000 hp at 1,800 rpm. Cummins anticipates that the engine will be suitable for tugs, inland towboats, OSVs, passenger vessels, dredges and coastal tankers. The same engine will be used for the Cummins C3000 genset, which will have an output of up to 3.5 mw.

In addition to the 16-cylinder model, Cummins will also manufacture 12-cylinder and 20-cylinder versions of the engine. Natural gas fuel will also be an option for all models.

The QSK95 will be easily integrated with Cummins C Command Elite Premium and Elite Plus class-approved panels that include a selection of monitoring and display options for engine load, duty cycle, speed and fuel consumption. The panels also provide diagnostic and prognostic capabilities. 

Tier 4 emissions reductions will be handled both in-cylinder and by aftertreatment. Particulate matter (PM) emissions will be nearly eliminated during combustion through changes in the pistons, rings and the fuel injection system. NOx emissions will be converted to water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen by a Cummins-developed selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment system that doubles as a standard-size muffler. The SCR system will include injections of a urea mixture called diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). The company claims that in some cases the air coming out of the engine will be cleaner than the air going in. Cummins also anticipates that its Tier 4 technology will provide improved fuel economy compared to Tier 2 and Tier 3 technology.


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