Crowley christens 330,000-bbl. tanker

Crowley Maritime Corp. christened its newest tanker, the Florida, on Wednesday at the Aker Philadelphia Shipyard and will soon put the 330,000-bbl.ship to use in the U.S. Gulf for a major energy customer. This U.S.-flag vessel is the second of two U.S.-built, -operated and -crewed tankers Crowley purchased last year from Aker.

More than 100 guests, including Crowley Chairman, President and CEO Tom Crowley and Aker President and CEO Kristian Rokke, attended the ceremony.

The Florida, which will provide 50 U.S. seagoing and shoreside jobs, will soon be placed into service delivering domestic oil to U.S.-based refineries. The tanker Pennsylvania, which was purchased from Aker and delivered in September, is currently at work in the U.S. Gulf.

“Adding these new tankers to our fleet allows us to continue providing our customers with diverse and modern equipment to transport their petroleum and chemical products in a safe and reliable manner,” said Crowley. “I recall that one of my grandfather’s missions for the company included making investments that would not only help the company grow, but also provide jobs for people, which is something we have carried on to this day, and why we continue to support the Jones Act and our U.S. shipbuilding partners, including Aker.”

Both tankers are capable of carrying 330,000 bbls. of petroleum products and chemicals. The Veteran-class design is based on the proven as-built Athenian-class 46,000-DWT product tanker from Hyundai Mipo Dockyards. The standard design was changed to conform to U.S. registry and U.S. coastwise trade requirements.

The U.S.-flag vessels are the 13th and 14th in the Veteran class built at Aker. This design provides Crowley customers with ABS-classed vessels that have been thoroughly tested and refined for performance and reliability. With a length of 183.2 meters, a breadth of 32.2 meters, and a depth of 18.8 meters, the tankers come in at 45,800 DWT (the weight of about 49,320 Liberty Bells) with a draft of 12.2 m. Powered by the first Tier II large-bore engines, MAN-B&W 6S50MCs, the speed of the Pennsylvania and the Florida is expected to average over 14.5 knots. In addition to being double hulled with segregated ballast systems, safety features also include water and CO2 firefighting systems, as well as a foam water spray system.

Crowley has a long history of transporting petroleum products and chemicals by tankers and articulated tug barges (ATBs). Crowley has been an innovator and leader in the industry through the development of its ATB fleet, which includes some of the newest and most sophisticated ATBs in the market. Crowley owns and operates 17 ATBs, which include 155,000-bbl., 185,000-bbl. and 330,000-bbl. tank vessels. Crowley operates all of these Jones Act tankers and ATBs on the U.S. Gulf, East and West coasts under voyage and time charters with leading companies in the petroleum and chemical industries, and moved 265 million bbls. of petroleum and chemical product safely in 2012 alone.

Aker Philadelphia Shipyard is a leading U.S. commercial shipyard constructing vessels for operation in the Jones Act market. It possesses a state-of-the-art shipbuilding facility and has earned a reputation as the preferred provider of oceangoing merchant vessels with a track record of delivering quality ships. Aker Philadelphia is a member of the Norwegian-based Aker family of global companies, leaders in global growth markets including energy technologies, energy resources, maritime technologies, seafood and marine biotechnology.

Jacksonville, Fla.-based Crowley Holdings Inc., a holding company of Crowley Maritime, is a privately held family and employee-owned company. Its subsidiaries include TITAN Salvage and Jensen Maritime. Additional information about Crowley, its subsidiaries and business units may be found at


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