Coast Guard sinks Ghost Ship

GULF OF ALASKA – The Coast Guard went through with its plan yesterday to sink the “Ghost Ship,” the Ryou-Un Moru, a Japanese fishing vessel lost at sea more than a year ago after the earthquake and resulting tsunami that rocked Japan. 

Here is some video supplied by the Coast Guard, taken from an HC-130 Hercurles airplane deployed from Air Station Kodiak, of the Coast Guard firing on the vessel with its 25 mm canon and then coming up close to the abandoned vessel, apparently to douse a fire. 


According to reports, the ship took about four hours to sink after it began to take on water following the canon-fire. 

The plan was almost thwarted when a Canadian fishing vessel, the 62-foot Bernice C, claimed salvage rights on the Ghost Ship, but a Canadian official told CBS News that the Bernice was unable to actually tow it. After the Bernice left the area, the firing commenced. 

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