Coast Guard says vessels would be U.S. built

The U.S. Coast Guard National Vessel Documentation Center has determined that Canadian-designed dredging vessels would be considered U.S. built and eligible to engage in the coastwise trade so long as all major components of the hull and superstructure are fabricated in the U.S. and the vessels are assembled entirely in the U.S.

Normrock Industries Inc., Quebec, Canada, plans to build a series of amphibious excavator and dredging vessels at Marine Inland Fabricators, Panama City, Fla. The Amphibex 400 design will be built in several sizes and would engage in activities such as aquatic weed cutting and harvesting, excavating and dredging, trash and debris collection, and the laying of pipeline and underwater cables.

Marine Inland would build the hull and superstructure of the Amphibex vessels. The lifting arms, front stabilizers, rear stabilizer, attachments and accessories, including extendable outriggers, would be manufactured in Canada but subsequently assembled into the vessels at Marine Inland in the U.S.

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