BP says Halliburton destroyed Deepwater evidence

NEW ORLEANS – A number of news outlets are reporting that oil company BP has accused contractor Halliburton of deliberately destroying evidence related to 2010’s Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf. In a filing in US District Court here with Judge Carl Barbier, the Christian Science Monitor reports “Halliburton ‘intentionally’ destroyed the results of slurry testing for the well, in part to ‘eliminate any risk that this evidence would be used against it at trial.'” Further, BP accuses Halliburton of erasing computer modeling evidence that shows how the cement performed. 

According to the Monitor, Halliburton claims this computer modeling work is “gone.”

Halliburton is denying BP’s accusations.

The Houston Chronicle provides more details about the contention over the cement slurry. Halliburton essentially says the cement mix was stable and sufficient to keep oil from escaping the well. It says BP didn’t properly position the pipe in the well. BP counters that the cement was unstable and broke down, resulting in more oil escaping.

The issue is still being contested because Barbier and the courts are still deciding where to place blame, and punishment, while overseeing a class action lawsuit related to the spill.

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