Blount likes its own doors

Blount Boats Inc. in Warren, R.I., still has that touch of Yankee ingenuity and thriftiness that was forged by Luther Blount, who founded the company in 1949.
The thing was, Luther didn’t like to buy anything he didn’t have to. He’d rather build it. Accordingly, he built his own line of brass-framed windows and running lights. Today, Blount Boats no longer makes the windows and running lights that go into its boats, but the boatyard still designs and builds many of the doors and hatches that go into the boats they build.
“There are certain instances where we need hatches in our cruise boats, and we can’t fit the big hatches people make, so we make our own,” said Blount Boats’ Bob Pelletier.
The boatyard also builds cargo doors and rolling doors, which Pelletier said is “kind of unusual” for a boatyard to do. The rollers and the handles are also designed and built at Blount.
He said that there are companies that make nice sliding doors, but they will cost $8,000 to $9,000. “It gets to a point where it’s not worth it. We are better off spending $7,500 and the 78 to 100 man hours that it takes to build our types of door.”

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