Blount enters offshore wind market with South Boats

One of the most talked about new markets for the workboat industry here at the International WorkBoat Show was the offshore wind farm market. One company looking to take advantage immediately is Blount Boats, based in Warren, RI, near the sites of two major wind farm projects. 

Blount has signed a licensing agreement with UK-based South Boats, which has been in the wind farm market in Europe for the past 10 years, to use their cat hull designs in construction new wind farm service vessels. 

At the show, online editor Sam Pfeifle caught up with Blount president Marcia Blount and South Boats project manager Douglas Brown to talk about the market’s potential and the Blount-South deal. Blount proclaimed herself optimistic indeed about the market, saying she expects demand for as many as 500 vessels inside of two years. 

Why is she so bullish? Watch the following video:


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